Blogging Friends

Nearly three years ago, I decided to take the advice I’d been giving to my clients and start a blog. At the time, I expected the blog to be an opportunity to share what I’ve learned about writing and editing. One of the things I love most about editing and helping authors self-publish their books is mentoring the writers—to see them constantly hone their craft and become better writers. I hoped to help writers online, but I didn’t expect to have any direct contact with those I taught.

In the first month, I had a couple of comments from offline friends who stopped by to encourage me. Then it was a couple of months before another friend stopped by. I participated in a blog carnival and got a trackback but no more comments for weeks. The next comment was also from a friend … but then—almost six months after my first post—I had a comment from someone I didn’t know! That was a thrill.

I started visiting other blogs and leaving comments, and some of those bloggers reciprocated. I joined MyBlogLog and participated in a couple of blog carnivals and memes and met a few more people. Many of the people I met in the early days of blogging are still my blogging friends. Some are no longer blogging, but I will always appreciate their blogging friendship for however long it lasted.

Recently, I recognized some of my blogging friends with the Premio Dardos Award for their blogging excellence. I’d also like to thank those same bloggers for their friendship: Alina, Brad, Cath, Deb, Helen, Jeanne, Joanna, John, Karen, Lori, Matt, Mig, Misti, Renee, Robert, and Tammy.

Bloggers who hold a special place in my heart are all those who hosted me on my blog book tours, including these who aren’t listed elsewhere: Bluestocking, LeninRon, Mayra, Genesis, Father Jerry and Shirazi.

Other bloggers whose friendship I value include:

After my slow start in getting comments, I’m blessed today to have comments from 150 to 200 people each month. Some of them visit once and leave a comment for the Do-Follow link, but others become regulars. Each month, I thank the commenters from the previous month as I truly value them.

Some of the top commenters each month, in addition to many who have been listed elsewhere, are:

What a blessing of blogging friendships! And I know I’ve forgotten someone—if your name belongs here, know it’s in my heart. I’m just overwhelmed with thinking of so many delightful blogging relationships.

And to think that less than three years ago, I thought I would be teaching my visitors about writing and editing. Instead, I’ve made friends and learned more than I could ever teach.

This post is an entry in Alina Popsecu’s 4 Year Bloggiversary Group Writing Project at Words of a Broken Mirror. You still have a few days to enter. Alina is offering some outstanding prizes (not that I’m biased or anything—one of the prizes is an autographed copy of Dream or Destiny), including a two-hour PR consultation with Alina. But even if you don’t win, just spending time thinking of great blogging friends is a prize in itself.

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