Post #2000

Back in 2006, I got tired of having to update my website every time I wanted to add a tiny piece of news. I’d heard about blogs and thought it would be a good idea to add a blog to my site to make it easier to add news. I decided to add writing tips and publishing (especially epublishing) information as well.

In those days, WordPress was primarily a blog platform and not the full content management system it is today. Although I believe you could have pages as well as posts at that time, I just installed WordPress on my existing website. For a long time, I continued to maintain my primary website with Dreamweaver and use WordPress only for the blog on one page of my site. I could install and update WordPress through the control panel of my website, but updates through that installer were several weeks behind updates for WordPress installed directly on a site. It made more sense to use WordPress as the platform for the entire site, which I have done for many years now.

Through the years, I’ve added more categories that I blog about. You can see the full list of categories and all the posts in each category on the archive page. You’ll see that I have more posts in a category I hadn’t even considered when I started: Christian. My faith is a very important part of my life, and it wasn’t long before I started writing about it.

Every year during Lent and Advent, I add some extra Scripture reading every day and write down my personal meditations. In 2011, I started sharing those personal devotions in my blog. Every Lent and Advent since, I have posted a devotion every day of the season. These are my meditations from the previous year, which means I write them one year and post them—reading them again—the following year. I don’t know if others find these devotions helpful, but writing and posting them is meaningful to me.

I plan to be blogging for another decade-plus, so look for a couple thousand more posts from me.

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