Writing Contest: Bedtime Story

One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is to use a a picture, a situation, or an opening line as the starting point for a story or essay. Aggie Villanueva at Visual Arts Junction has created a writing contest that invites you to look at Bedtime Story, the photo art on the left, and write a 500 word story or essay inspired by it.

Aggie has asked me to be a judge, and I’m looking forward to reading lots of creative entries. There are Professional and Amateur categories, so whether you’re a beginning or seasoned writer, you can enter.

Visit the contest page for complete rules and a list of prizes. You can win some great books and exposure on a number of Web sites/blogs. Each judge will tell you what she liked best about your entry and what she thought could be improved, valuable feedback for any writer.

You have two weeks to write and polish your entry. I am eager to read your story.

Added 3/18/10 in response to a comment: The contest is open to writers, both amateur and professional, anywhere in the world.

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