Book Review: Ur1+My1=Our1

About a year ago, I edited this book for the authors. Usually I am involved througout the publishing process, but the authors preferred to handle everything else themselves, although they did use the cover designer and formatter I recommended. Since I wasn’t involved in the rest of the process, it slipped through the cracks when the book was published, and I didn’t write a review. I’m making up for that oversight now, late as it is.

This is a Christian marriage manual/workbook, and the authors recommend it as part of premarital counseling. I agree that would be the best use for is, but I think it would also be helpful to couples who have been married a while—especially if the marriage isn’t all it should be. Eze and Nakeisha cover topics such as communication, sex, and finances—all from the Christian perspective of “the two shall become one flesh.”

The authors share Biblical principles as well as experiences and lessons they’ve learned in more than two decades of marriage. The book is aimed at young couples, as indicated by the text talk in the title. The authors presented some issues in a slightly different way than I might have, and they omitted a couple of things that I think are very important. However, they did an excellent job of sharing their vision of marriage and the Scriptural basis of their ideas. 

Any Christian couple would be much better prepared for marriage if they read this book and completed all the exercises before typing the knot. 

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