New Reviews for Finding God in the Everyday

My devotional book, Finding God in the Everyday, was released more than a year ago, so I was pleasantly surprised to receive two new five-star reviews on Goodreads.

In “Finding God in the Everyday,” author Lillie Ammann proves herself to possess that rare combination in Christian writers—profound spiritual wisdom and unvarnished, deft common sense.

At first glance, “Finding God” appears to be a cozy, comfortable read in a series of devotions—and it is that—but, one should not be fooled by that apparent simplicity. Each chapter presents a cold, painful reality that life in the “everyday” may be fraught with pain–a house fire destroying her family home, a wayward son who ends up in prison, a criminal assault in her place of business, and lastly a devastating stroke in mid-life. Yet all these are recounted in a manner which is calm, matter of fact, lacking any hint of self-pity, and ultimately triumphant, through her strong faith in Jesus Christ. And even suffused throughout, it must be noted, with good-natured humor.

The overriding message here is of the promise of Romans 8:28, to make “all things work together for good to those who love God and to those who are the called according to His purpose.” 

If you are looking for a work to encourage and deepen your faith, and yes, even to inspire you in the hard times, this little book will more than fulfill the promise of the title.

Thanks to Nancy S for the above review.

While reading, Finding God in The Everyday, my emotions were fluid. One minute, I was crying because the author had experienced and overcame many adversities during her childhood and adult life. As a result, one minute I was crying; the next, I was thanking God for his mercy; then I was laughing at the author’s ability to move through various hardships to reach points in her life, that propelled her forward to share her experiences in order to inspire others.

Thanks to Edith Eveon Brown, Author, for this review.

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