National Authors Day

Tired AuthorToday is National Authors Day, a day to show appreciation to authors. 

Creating great stories or sharing wonderful information to entertain or educate you isn’t easy. The only thing wrong with the photo to the left is that she is dressed far better than most authors working at home.

For most writers, many of our words end up in the trash can or the computer recycle bin. Writing a book involves a lot of rewriting, revising, and editing. It can months or years to produce a book.

Then comes the publishing process—submitting to numerous publishers or agents to find a traditional publishing company, dealing with a small press, or taking on the responsibility of publishing on top of writing.

So if you, like me, love to read and get pleasure from books, let your favorite authors know you appreciate them. Send them a note or email or post your thanks on social media. Believe me, you’ll brighten the day of every author you recognize on National Authors Day.

You can find many of my favorite authors on my book page—I am selective in taking on clients and love the books I edit. You can find others of my favorites by seeing what I’ve reviewed and rated highly on Goodreads.

Today I want to recognize all authors, especially those who have brought me so many hours of pleasure. 

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