Happy Labor Day

Labor Day was created to honor organized labor, but I like to recognize all laborers—union members and non-union members, white collar and blue collar, employees and contractors, paid and unpaid—anyone who works. Entry level workers and professionals, unpaid volunteers and high-paid executives, company staff members and freelance workers—all contribute to benefit society as well as … Read more

Happy Labor Day

Wishing you a wonderful day free of labor and filled with love, joy, and peace. ALMIGHTY God, our heavenly Father, who declarest thy glory and showest forth thy handiwork in the heavens and in the earth; Deliver us, we beseech thee, in our several callings, from the service of mammon, that we may do the … Read more

Happy Labor Day 2013

Labor Day has been a day for a holiday from work, parades, and picnics, for more than a hundred years. Although Labor Day was originally created for members of labor unions, only a small percentage of workers today are part of labor unions. Today all workers, union members or not, can enjoy a day to … Read more

Labor Day 2012

Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate, wrote in his newsletter: Labor Day was created primarily to recognize union members. Today, this group represents barely 11% of total workers and has declined to less than 7% of the private sector. Small businesses represent over 98% of all U.S. businesses, produce over half of the U.S. GDP, … Read more

Happy Labor Day 2011

The first Monday in September has been officially designated as Labor Day since 1892. Originally set aside as a day to honor organized labor, it has grown to a day for all workers—union laborers, nonunion workers, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, retail workers, small business owners and employees, and even freelancers—to enjoy a day of relaxation and … Read more

Happy Labor Day 2010!

I hope you are resting from your labor today. Enjoy good food, great friends, tons of laughter, and heaps of joy. photo credit: Seth W.

Happy Labor Day

Hope you’re enjoying family, friends, fun, and food this Labor Day weekend. Labor Day began as a holiday for workers who were union members. Today it’s a holiday for all us: union workers on the assembly line, nonunion workers in the discount store, corporate executives, entrepreneurs—and even freelancers. Relax and have fun! photo credit: adotjdotsmith