Happy Labor Day 2011

A Gathering At Alice Holt ForestThe first Monday in September has been officially designated as Labor Day since 1892. Originally set aside as a day to honor organized labor, it has grown to a day for all workers—union laborers, nonunion workers, entrepreneurs, corporate employees, retail workers, small business owners and employees, and even freelancers—to enjoy a day of relaxation and fun.

This year, unfortunately, many people in the US who would like to be among those workers are unemployed, and the bleak jobs report that just came out shows it will not be easy for them to get back to work. Today, if you have a job, thank God for it and celebrate your blessings. If you among the many looking for work, thank God that you live in a land of opportunity  and vow to get back on your feet. Maybe you will update your resume and renew your efforts to find a job.  Or maybe you will decide to take charge of your own future—become a freelancer, start a small business, or come up creative new ways to earn a living.

Whatever your employment status, I wish you a joyous and peaceful holiday.
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photo credit: foilman

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