Labor Day 2012

DSCF1306 Jim Blasingame, The Small Business Advocate, wrote in his newsletter:

Labor Day was created primarily to recognize union members. Today, this group represents barely 11% of total workers and has declined to less than 7% of the private sector.

Small businesses represent over 98% of all U.S. businesses, produce over half of the U.S. GDP, and sign the FRONT of the paychecks of over half (70 million) of all U.S. workers. Let’s see: big deal on Labor Day; but no Small Business Day. What’s wrong with this picture?

I certainly don’t begrudge union members having a holiday, but I agree there should be an observance for small business owners.

Fortunately, we can all observe Labor Day and enjoy a holiday free of labor and filled with fun. Happy Labor Day!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ianz

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