Out of Pocket

I may not be around much for a little while as my husband is experiencing some health issues. You may not see new posts, and there may be delays in my approving and responding to comments. Thank you for your patience!

Three Problems Solved, but a New One Appears

Thanks to Christopher Roberts, who is a regular commenter, for helping me find the answer to the question, “Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Threaded Comments?” When I upgraded WordPress, Brian’s Threaded Comments plugin quit working, and I couldn’t get the threaded comments in WordPress to work. Gravatars have never showed up in comments since I started … Read more

Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Threaded Comments?

I have used Brian’s Threaded Comments for a very long time, even after WordPress came out with the threaded comments feature. I never could get the WordPress feature to work and decided my theme didn’t support it. For years, the plugin has given, as advertised, “threaded comments and a ‘wandering’ comment form.” After the last … Read more

Blog: Private Home or Public Meeting Place?

I have been blessed with many wonderful readers and commenters. I appreciate comments and routinely thank commenters for the great conversations. In fact, this month’s thanks to commenters post was scheduled for today, but I postponed it so I could discuss something that happened this week. You wonderful readers and commenters have spoiled me so much that I … Read more

I’ll Be Back

I fell on Monday and banged up my knee and leg. Although I finally managed—with a lot of help—to make it out to the office, I don’t anticipate being able to sit here long. I’m not sure when I’ll get to the office (a small building in the backyard) again so don’t expect to see a new … Read more