Has Anybody Here Seen My Old Friend Threaded Comments?

Lost in a MazeI have used Brian’s Threaded Comments for a very long time, even after WordPress came out with the threaded comments feature. I never could get the WordPress feature to work and decided my theme didn’t support it. For years, the plugin has given, as advertised, “threaded comments and a ‘wandering’ comment form.”

After the last WordPress upgrade, threaded comments have wandered off and must be lost in a maze somewhere. It looks like it should work—commenters have the choice to “reply to this comment.” However when they do, the comment appears by itself at the bottom of the list of comments, not nested with the original comment being replied to.

Any WordPress or plugin gurus out there have any suggestions?

And while you’re at it, any ideas on getting avatars to appear? When I moderate comments, I see all these pretty avatars in the dashboard … but they don’t show up in comments on the blog. That feature has never worked with this theme, and I gave up on it long ago. However, since I’m asking for help, I might as well try to find answers to all my questions. 🙂

Creative Commons License photo credit: jack0451

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