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I provided the following summary of my services to someone recently and decided to share it here.  Most of this information is also available on my Services page with more details about how I work.  However, the “Create” section below is not spelled out elsewhere.

My associate, Jan McClintock, and I will write your personal or business documents, guide you as an author from rough draft to published masterpiece and promotion, or create a literary work featuring you or a loved one.

• Resumes
• Blog posts
• Correspondence
• Proposals
• Training manuals
• Policy handbooks
• News releases
• Other business documents
• Books (ghost write your story)

• Book Manuscripts (fiction and nonfiction)
• Articles and Reports
• Business Documents (manuals, correspondence, white papers, and more)
• Other Documents

• Evaluate the different forms of publishing to determine if self-publishing is the best for you.
• Review the steps and services required to write and publish a book.
• Compare using a subsidy publishing company to doing everything yourself.
• If you choose to use a company, compare the services and costs of various companies.
• If you choose to do it yourself, recommend vendors for various services.
• Advise on promotion and assist with distribution.
• Design, create, and maintain your website and set up social media pages.
• Serve as a resource throughout the process to answer questions and assist in resolving problems.

• Perform a complete content edit of the manuscript.
• Assist with obtaining ISBNs and registering copyright.
• Format the manuscript for publication.
• Negotiate and contract with a cover artist and book designer on your behalf or perform these services for you.
• Proof the cover and completed layout.
• Negotiate and contract with a printer on your behalf or set up account with a POD printer.
• Create e-book formats and upload to sales sites.
• Advise on promotion, including your website, and assist with distribution.
• Serve as a liaison among all parties involved in the publication, distribution, and promotion of the book to ensure production of a quality product within an established timeframe.

• Write a story using you and/or loved ones as characters and design an attractive booklet with the story.
• Write a poem for or about a special person and create a framed, artistic presentation.
• Develop a tribute to an individual or organization in an attractively designed presentation.

If you are interested in a no-obligation quote for any of my services, email me or fill out the contact form

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