Blog Action Day: Publishing and the Environment

Fifteen thousand bloggers are joining together on Blog Action Day to write about the environment. No doubt many of the participating bloggers will be rabid environmentalists, but the majority of probably aren’t. I’m no tree hugger, and the hype hasn’t convinced me that man causes global warming. However, as a Christian, I believe that we … Read more

Blog Action Day

On any given day, the blogging world is filled with thousands of conversations on topics ranging from making money to raising a family, from personal development to personal rants. Imagine one day when thousands of conversations are centered on one theme—the environment. That is exactly what Blog Action Day is all about. On October 15th … Read more

Memes and Gotta Get Goals!

Matt at The Article Writer has declared Death To The Meme Movement! and Liz at Successful Blog asks What Do You Call a Meme that Isn’t a Meme? I see a lot of blog memes – where one blogger tags others to answer questions or take some other action and tag other bloggers … and … Read more

Five Things

David Bowles at Writing the Western Sagas tagged me to tell five things about myself you probably don’t know. Then I get to tag five more bloggers by leaving comments on their blogs, and they tell five things about themselves, and each tag five more, and on, and on, and on.  If you read this blog … Read more