More Than You Ever Wanted to Know: Eight Things About My Writing and Me

Misti Sandefur at Life of a Writer tagged me to share eight random things about myself. Since I participate in memes only when they fit my purposes for my blog, I told Misti I would respond to the tag but relate the eight things to writing.

Then David Bowles at Writing the Westward Sagas tagged me to write eight things others might not know about my writing and me.

Although I’m not sure any of this is new, here are eight random things about my writing and me:

1. The first time I remember being proud of something I wrote was in high school. Our school was very small, and there was only one English teacher. She read a humorous short story I had written to every English class – the entire (tiny) student body. When she read the story to my class, I basked in the sound of the other student’s laughter.

2. Looking back, I find it strange that my first writing was humorous. My mother always told me I was born old and serious. I’ve never considered myself funny, though my husband and I laugh a lot, and one of my friends in particular tells me I crack her up.

3. Although I know the most successful writers stick to a genre, my writing is all over the place. The four books published or to-be-published are a romance novel, the inspirational true story of victims of workplace violence, a network marketing guide, and my upcoming romantic suspense novel.

4. I’ve also written a humorous romance (there’s that humor again) that I’ve never submitted anywhere and have two partially completed manuscripts: a novel and a motivational nonfiction book.

5. The unfinished novel is really the book of my heart – the first story I dreamed of writing, long before I had the stroke which led me to write a romance about a woman who has a stroke. I still hope to finish it someday, but I’m too busy with other projects to get back to it.

6. I focused on fiction when a small critique group met in my home every week. I never wanted to be the only one without a chapter to share, so I wrote a chapter a week. However, when our group split up because no one seemed to have the time anymore, I quit writing fiction.

7. I consider myself a better editor than writer and a better nonfiction writer than fiction writer. However, when I re-read Dream or Destiny after it had been collecting dust on a CD for years, I was pleasantly surprised – it was better than I thought (she said modestly).

8. Like Helen Ginger and David Bowles, I work best when it’s quiet. In fact, I prefer to work at night so I’m not interrupted, even by phone calls. However, some of my clients and friends keep strange hours, also, so my phone often rings late at night. Sometimes I’m on the phone with a client who gets up early before I’ve gone to bed.

There you have it – more than you ever wanted to know about my writing and me. I’m not tagging anyone because these eight things (or five things or whatever) memes have been going around awhile and many writers have already participated. However, I’d love to learn more about each of you. So if you’d like to share eight things – either eight random things or eight things about you and your writing – please do so. Leave a comment so I learn eight things about you.

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