Time Management: 3 Executing

We’ve talked about prioritizing and organizing, and now it’s time to talk about getting things done. I always know what my overall priorities are, and each day I know my specific priorities for that day. If I have appointments, they are recorded on my calendar. If have deadlines to meet, they will recorded in my … Read more

Time Management 2: Organizing

In the last post, we talked about what I believe is the most important element in time management: prioritizing. Now, let’s talk about getting organized. As I have said, I’m only sharing what I do, not giving expert advice. So I won’t cover the various time management tools that are available. You can keep a … Read more

Time Management 1: Prioritizing

Like the last post, today’s post is the result of a request—or in this case two requests—in comments. Dominic Faith from P/S Public Storage wrote: Well Lillie, after reading your posts and comments, I feel that you should write a post on how to manage time. Many people want to know how you are so … Read more