A Busy Month in the Book World

March is Small Press Month. Though the Web site is dated 2009, there are some good suggestions on how to celebrate. The purpose of Small Press Month is to recognize the valuable work done by small, independent publishers. My novels, Stroke of Luck and Dream or Destiny, are published by a small press, GASLight Publishing, LLC. Dream or … Read more

Small Press Month

In addition to this week being Read an E-Book Week, the entire month of March is Small Press Month. Although e-books don’t necessarily come from small presses, many do. In the early days of e-publishing, the large, traditional publishers didn’t publish books electronically. Most large publishers didn’t show much respect for the new publishing method, having the … Read more

Small Press Month and Read an E-Book Week

I’m a fan of small presses. I have one novel published and a second scheduled for publication by a small independent publisher. Most of my book editing clients either self-publish or are published by independent publishers. According to statistics quoted on Parapublishing, there are 6 large publishers (in New York), 3-400 medium-sized publishers, and 86,000 … Read more