Small Press Month

In addition to this week being Read an E-Book Week, the entire month of March is Small Press Month. Although e-books don’t necessarily come from small presses, many do. In the early days of e-publishing, the large, traditional publishers didn’t publish books electronically. Most large publishers didn’t show much respect for the new publishing method, having the … Read more

Small Press Month and Read an E-Book Week

I’m a fan of small presses. I have one novel published and a second scheduled for publication by a small independent publisher. Most of my book editing clients either self-publish or are published by independent publishers. According to statistics quoted on Parapublishing, there are 6 large publishers (in New York), 3-400 medium-sized publishers, and 86,000 … Read more

Nothing Binding Officially Launches

Nothing Binding, a place for readers and writers to make a real and personal connection, officially launches today, September 1st. Jerry D. Simmons, founder, said: Announcing! After months of planning and beta testing, is ready to officially launch. This Saturday, September 1st, is our official send off. We’ve grown to over 500 authors in … Read more