Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2010

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Last year, I posted a series on domestic violence, beginning with Supporting Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I encourage you to read the entire series, and I hope you become as passionate as I am about stopping domestic violence. A question that I consider one of the highest compliments I’ve … Read more

People First: Empowering People with Disabilities

Today, bloggers are uniting to raise awareness about empowering people with disabilities. After my stroke, I was in a manual wheelchair for months. I wasn’t strong enough to maneuver the wheelchair myself so I hired someone to drive me and push my wheelchair. People always seemed to be uncomfortable around me. Often they spoke to my helper and ignored … Read more

International Literacy Day

Reading—for entertainment or education—tops my list of favorite things to do. Books, blogs, bulletins, blurbs, ballads, brochures, broadcasts, blather, buzz—I love all forms of the written word. Yet according to UNESCO, 20% of adults are illiterate. Not only are these people deprived of the joy of reading, they face incredible challenges in living productive lives. … Read more