International Day of the Bible

Today is the International Day of the Bible, when Christians are encouraged to post their favorite Bible verse on social media with the hashtag #BibleCelebration. I’ve posted recently about my Bible reading/sharing plan. There are so many wonderful verses that I love. But my favorite is easy to pick: Romans 8:28:  And we know that all … Read more

Reading and Sharing the Bible

I used to read the Bible through every year. When I started over at the beginning of the year, I changed to a different translation of the Bible. Anglicans read most of the Bible in a year by reading the daily offices (Morning and Evening Prayer) in the Book of Common Prayer, but I also like to … Read more

Devotional and Bible Reading Plan for 2014

Do you follow a particular devotional and/or Bible reading plan for the year? I find it very important to spend time with the Lord daily. For years I have read the Bible through each year, but during the later stages of my husband’s illness I wasn’t able to maintain a consistent schedule, then after he … Read more

Writing Lessons from the Bible: Guest Post by Katheryn Rivas

The inimitable Nobel Prize-winning American writer Ernest Hemingway once said to his friend and contemporary, F. Scott Fitzgerald, in reference to the Bible, “I found the source of practically every good title you ever heard of.” Aside from this obvious truth (as something of a writer myself, I’ve certainly found my fair share of veritably … Read more

National Bible Week

  Today is Bible Sunday, the first day of National Bible Week, November 23-30. The goal of National Bible Week is to encourage people to read and study the Bible, God’s Word. A well-worn Bible like the one in the photo indicates a well-versed Christian. If you would like to start studying the Bible but … Read more

Reading the Bible: Part 1 – Bible Reading Plans

My post on Advent Bible study generated the following comment: i sometimes have free time at my work and sometimes i try reading the bible but a lot of it is hard to understand and follow. Maybe i should just skip the old testament… you have any tips for reading the bible effectively? Although I … Read more