Another Great Review

The Last Boat Out: Memoirs of a Triumphant Vietnamese-American Family has received another great review. (2/1/08: The book is now out of print.) Kelley Anderson writes for Reader Views: “It is a beautifully told story, drawing you in to the simple Vietnamese lifestyle. It makes you weep for the innocent children disfigured by war and dance … Read more

Catalyst: God’s Tool

Although I’m always excited about the successes of my friends and clients, sometimes it seems that everyone is accomplishing great things but me. My novel languishes with little notice and few sales, while friends tell me about awards and great sales numbers. I see so many worthwhile causes I would like to help, but my budget keeps me … Read more

My Weekend … and Some Writing Advice

My friend Grace Anne Schaefer spent the weekend with us. Her husband Ken drove her down from their home near Austin – she had heart surgery a few months ago and wasn’t ready for the long drive alone. We have been truly blessed to have these wonderful people in our lives – the friendship between Grace Anne and … Read more

Books We Love: Sizzling Summer Sweepstakes

Booklovers will love Books We Love. You’ll find lots of great books by great authors, including my novel Stroke of Luck (a little blatant self-promotion!),  Spring House by David Bowles, The New Day Dawns by Grace Anne Schaefer, plus fiction and nonfiction by 125+ more writers. Books We Love runs contests to introduce readers to its member … Read more

How are you spending your dash?

I told in a previous post how it took a crisis before I realized that someday is now, and if I wanted to pursue my writing dream, I had to start. We all can make our lives – and the lives of those we love – better. “The Dash,” the classic poem by Linda Ellis, says this … Read more

The New Day Dawns is a fascinating read…

Reader Views, an excellent review Web site, just reviewed The New Day Dawns: People of the Frozen Earth Book One. Reviewer Mary Simmons wrote: “The New Day Dawns is a fascinating read that will not only enrich your life, but also the lives of others since 10 per cent of Internet sales of this book … Read more

The Value of Writers Groups

Today I had a conversation with a writer just beginning her book. I gave her the same advice I give all beginning writers: join a writers group, online or offline, to network with other writers and learn about the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Writers, unless they are employed full-time by a … Read more

Looking for a dream job?

One of my interests is network marketing. Not only have I been a part-time network marketer since 1996, but I’ve also written a book about network marketing for the Dream Jobs to Go series. Updated June 2007: Dream Jobs to Go has gone out of business, but the blog mentioned below is still active. Michael … Read more