EPIC Awards Are Coming

EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection, recently announced the Twelfth Annual EPIC EBook Competition. The longest-running continuous e-book competition will be open for entries between July 15 and August 15, 2010 for books published June 1, 2009 through May 31, 2010. EPIC also sponsors the New Voices Young Writes Competition. Middle school and high school … Read more

Young Writers: Hurry to Enter New Voices

The deadline for New Voices, EPIC’s writing competition for teen writers is October 20, 2009. Students can enter poetry, short stories, and essays for cash prizes for winners and feedback for every entrant. You want to enter your best work, which means giving yourself plenty of time to edit.The deadline is only a couple of … Read more

New Voices: Contest for Young Writers Underway

The EPIC New Voices competition for young writers is well underway. Middle and high school students can win great prizes, but even entrants who don’t final win what may be the best prize of all: feedback from published writers, editors, teachers, and librarians. Students from anywhere in the world can enter poetry, short stories, and essays. … Read more

EPIC New Voices: Writing Contest for Teens

Many writers start writing early in life. When you read the bios of authors, you often learn that the writer has been writing “since she could hold a crayon” or “as long as I can remember.” EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Connection—an organization for authors, publishers, and other professionals in the e-publishing industry—sponsors an annual … Read more

The Knight-League Scholarship

A reader e-mailed me and asked me to help spread the word about the Knight-League Scholarship, a writing competition for high school seniors that will award three $5,000 scholarships. Holly Alonis wrote: I write to you as an online liaison for the LEAGUE, which is a school and web-based system for service learning that empowers … Read more

New Voices Deadline Nears

The deadline for EPIC New Voices, writing contest for junior high and high school students is this coming Friday, January 16. This is a wonderful opportunity for young writers to win great prizes and have their work published. Perhaps more importantly, it is a chance to get objective, encouraging feedback from professional writers, editors, and … Read more

Calling Middle School and High School Writers

EPIC’s annual New Voices contest is open for submissions until January 16, 2009. Middle and high school students in any school (public, private, or home) in the world are eliglble to enter as long as their entry is in English. Categories for Middle School and High School include Story (fictional short story). Poetry, and Essay … Read more

Volunteer to Help and Encourage Young Writers

The EPIC New Voices Writing Competition is a project dear to my heart. I, along with a few other EPIC members, started the contest in 2006, and I chaired the competition for the first two years. EPIC is gearing up to start accepting entries in this year’s competition, and the organization needs volunteer judges.  Teachers, librarians, … Read more