5 Ways To Keep Writing When You Feel Like Giving Up: Guest Post from Torri Myler

In the life of every writer, there will come those times when giving up and abandoning a project begins to feel like an attractive option. But, of course, if you are writing for someone else—as in the case of freelance writers or authors with contracts—quitting may not be an option. Even if you never intend … Read more

Guest Post: How to Get Over Writer’s Block by Christine Kane

Tax Day, Wednesdays, long lines, bumper-to-bumper traffic are just a few things most people prefer not to deal with. Everyone has their own pet peeve and a less-than-thrilling activity that gets under their skin. For writers, go ahead and add writer’s block to that list. It’s that moment where you have hit a wall and … Read more

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Web Design Schools Guide recently posted “20 Creative Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block.” I seldom struggle with writer’s block, especially now that my fiction-writing has been set aside for the time being. When I experience writer’s block in fiction, it’s usually because I’m stuck on where the story should go. Asking “what if” questions usually helps. … Read more