My Life with WordPress

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Happy 10th anniversary to WordPress on May 27! Added 9/29/19: How to Build Your Own Website Added 8/17/16: Another guide to starting a WordPress blog can be found at Website SetUp. Added 4/4/16: If you’re starting out on your first website, you’ll find a beginner’s guide at First Site Guide. Added 5/27/13: Thanks to Kate, … Read more


After bemoaning the many spam comments on blogs, I downloaded the Akismet plugin for WordPress … and I haven’t had a spam comment since! According to Akismet’s Web site, it is catching more than 600,000 spam comments a day, and 94% of all comments are spam. If your blog is being buried in spam, I recommend … Read more

The Latest in Comment Spam

I wrote about spam in an earlier post. The problem with comment spam in blogs is getting worse; I’ve found some plug-ins for WordPress that I will try and let you know the results. Update: Success with Akismet! But until I get the plug-ins installed, I’m manually rejecting dozens of spam comments every day. The latest … Read more