Shared Answers 2007: Part 2, The Solution

In my last post, part 1 in the group writing project hosted by Grow Your Writing Business and Writing Thoughts, I shared the problem of the chaotic mornings in my interior landscape company. In this second post of Shared Answers 2007, I’ll tell my solution. I was really stumped. A service business depends on excellent … Read more

Shared Answers 2007: Part 1, The Problem

Laura Spencer at Writing Thoughts and Yvonne Russell at Grow Your Writing Business are jointly hosting an unusual group writing project. Shared Answers 2007 requires two posts: one describing a problem or a challenge the blogger has faced and the second describing the solution or approach taken by the blogger. I’m going back a number … Read more

Shared Answers 2007

Yvonne at Grow Your Writing Business and Laura at Writing Thoughts have teamed up for a two-part group writing project. Visit their blogs for the details. I’m trying to come up with a good idea for this one and get my two posts written by the deadline, August 15th. [tags]Shared Answers 2007, group writing project[/tags]