School Choice

This is School Choice Week, a time to advocate for choice in school options. All¬†children are entitled to the best education option for them. Parents should be able to choose a public school, a charter school, a magnet school, a private school, or an online school–or to teach their kids in a homeschool. Watch the … Read more

National School Choice Week

January 24-30 is National School Choice Week. Not all kids learn in the same way or perform well in the same environment. Parents should have the choice of whether to send their kids to a public school, charter or magnet school, private school, or homeschool.

School Choice Week

January 25-31 is National School Choice Week. Too many kids grow up in poverty in areas with substandard schools. Education is the key to their moving from their youthful circumstances to successful lives. However, in most locales, students are restricted to attending the schools in their neighborhoods. Parents should be able to decide¬†which schools their … Read more

School Choice Week 2014

This is National School Choice Week, a week set aside to educate and raise awareness for the need for school choice. Some parents and students have school choice–those families who are wealthy enough to afford private school can send their children to whatever school they choose. However, those families of limited means are forced by … Read more

National School Choice Week: Freedom Always Works

A good education is critical for a child’s future success, but too many children are trapped in low-performing schools with discipline problems and failing students. Parents should have the freedom to choose the school that is best for their children. January 22-28, 2012 is National School Choice Week, “shining a spotlight on effective education options … Read more