“Someday” is Today

Although my love affair with writing started in high school, I never expected to be able to make a living as a writer. So I worked in government jobs for a few years, then started my own business—first a plant shop, then an interior landscape company. I always planned to write “someday”—when I had time, … Read more

Creating Fictional Characters—Part 7: Giving Characters Goals and Motivation

Characters in your story must have reasons for their actions. In real life, we don’t know what people are thinking or why they do what they do, but in fiction, readers will accept the characters’ actions only if they believe the reasons for them. They ask “Why did he do that?,” and they expect an answer—from words … Read more

A Word of Appreciation

I received the link to the While You Can Movie in a newsletter from Mr. Positive – a brief daily dose of motivation, encouragement, and positive thoughts. The movie inspired me to take a moment to thank YOU for reading my blog, commenting, and giving me support and encouragement. The response to my request for … Read more