Valentine’s Day 2013

Today is Valentine’s Day–a day for lovers. A day for flowers and candy and special dinners for two. A day to tell someone you love them. A day for husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends to spend time together—which is the most important thing you can do. It may be soon or it may be … Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s Day is all about love. We tend to focus on romantic love, but we can share all kinds of love with all kinds of people today. Show your family how much you love them by spending time together doing something fun. Brighten your coworkers’ day with a note or a treat. Make Valentine’s Day … Read more

Happy Valentine’s Day

I seldom watch TV or listen to the radio, but my husband always has the TV on in the house or the radio in the car. So I hear bits and pieces of programs—and lots of ads. Recently, I’ve been hearing all kinds of advertisements for Valentine’s Day gifts. They all say something like, “Give your girlfriend … Read more