Happy Valentine’s Day

Single Rose - Day 11 of 14I seldom watch TV or listen to the radio, but my husband always has the TV on in the house or the radio in the car. So I hear bits and pieces of programs—and lots of ads.

Recently, I’ve been hearing all kinds of advertisements for Valentine’s Day gifts. They all say something like, “Give your girlfriend or wife this <whatever the ad is selling>, and you’ll have a great Valentine’s Day because you’re going to like the way she shows her appreciation.”

Is Valentine’s Day only about romantic love? Why can’t we express our love to family and friends?

Even if the day is only about romantic love, why are girlfriends and wives the only ones to receive gifts on this special day about love? Shouldn’t women let their boyfriends and husbands know how much they love them?

Is a gift of love supposed to be given to receive something in return? Shouldn’t we give gifts to show our love without consideration for how much the recipient will appreciate the gift and show that appreciation?

I don’t expect my husband to send me roses or chocolates or cuddly toys—or anything else. I don’t measure love by material gifts. Just hearing “I love you” (which I do several times a day every day) is the only valentine I need.

I’ll send my husband a mushy e-card and tell him privately and publicly here on my blog, “I love you!”

And I’ll tell you, my readers, that I love having you as part of my blog family. I appreciate your comments, and even if you don’t comment, I appreciate your reading my words. Today, I’ll say, “Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day!”

Creative Commons License photo credit: LoneGunMan

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