Happy Father’s Day

This video is a touching tribute to dads. Touching Tribute To All ‘Daaads!’ – You Know You’ve Hollered It Before, Too! from sermonspice on GodTube.

Father’s Day 2012

Happy Father’s Day! May each reader enjoy a special day: If you’re a father, may you be honored and pampered by your children. If you have a father, may you enjoy special time honoring and pampering him. If your father is no longer with you, may you recall special memories of your times together. If … Read more

Memories of My Father

Today on Father’s Day, I’m remembering my father. He’s been in Heaven for 15 years now, but I still miss him. He was born on a farm near the small town of Dilley, Texas, and lived there his entire life except for the time he served in the Army and the time he spent in a … Read more