Remembering God When all Else Is Lost

The article “‘What If I Forget About God?’ – A Surprising Look at Dementia and Religion” brought back a special memory to me. The article points out that a common fear among both dementia sufferers and their loved ones is that the person losing their memories of everything in their life will also forget about … Read more

Answered Prayers

My sister Nancy and I recently took a trip to South Carolina to visit our brother and his family. We had a good trip—it was especially good for me because Nancy did all the driving. Our visit with relatives was fabulous—the two girls we had last seen as small children are beautiful and smart young … Read more

Happy New Year 2013!

Although I followed the tradition of eating  black-eyed peas for luck in the coming year, I know black-eyed peas aren’t lucky and the number 13 isn’t unlucky. There is no such thing as “luck”—our lives are in the hands of a loving, almighty, all-powerful, holy God. So often we are quick to blame God if … Read more

God’s Protection and Answered Prayer

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that Jack and I do our grocery shopping at Walmart in the wee hours of the morning. A few weeks ago Jack had an episode of low blood sugar, got dizzy, fell down, and strained his back. He’s been spending most of … Read more

Absolute Truth vs. Personal Opinion

I felt overwhelmed and called upon a fellow Christian for prayer. She prayed, “Lord, give Lillie discernment to know what You are calling her to do right now—this minute, this hour, this day.” I fell asleep praying this prayer, and I woke with this post in my mind. The United States was founded on the principle … Read more