Read An E-Book Week March 6-12, 2011

Read an E-Book Week has been celebrated every March since 2004. The purpose of the week-long event is to educate readers about e-books and promote electronic reading. This year, Read an E-Book Week is celebrating the 40th anniversary of e-books. You can read about Michael Hart creating the first “e-book”—a copy of the Declaration of the … Read more

E-Books, Part 4: Electronic Reading Devices

Most people want to get comfortable when reading for pleasure (or even for professional development and education). Sitting at a computer to read a book doesn’t appeal to us. That’s why I prefer to read on an e-book reading device. There are a number of different devices on the market that are suitable for reading … Read more

E-Books, Part 3: Books from Electronic or Traditional Publishers

Although many people prefer to read print, I always look for e-books. My poor vision makes it difficult for me to read most print books, but I can adjust the font on e-books to make them easy for me to read. People who associate e-books with short, often free, how-to and marketing books may be … Read more

E-Books, Part 2: Short Nonfiction (How-To) E-Books

For many people, the word e-book means a PDF or proprietary electronic (some type of .exe file) document that is usually a short how-to guide. Often these e-books are offered free as a marketing tool for the author. Many of these e-books are useful: I recommend Mihaela Lica’s SEO Book of WordPress Blogs, and Yvonne at … Read more

E-Books, Part 1: I read throughout a four-hour power outage

Recently, several blog posts have made me think about e-books. Mig at eWritings released an e-book, The SEO Book of WordPress Blogs, which is a great resource for WordPress bloggers. Then Yvonne at Grow Your Writing Business posted a picture of a library bookcase chair, which led to my comment about e-books and Yvonne’s follow-on … Read more