Dream or Destiny and the Kindle

Dream or Destiny is now available at Amazon.com as a Kindle edition. This is exciting to me because I recently bought a Kindle: Amazon’s Wireless Reading Device and love reading on it. When the Kindle was first introduced, I wrote a post about it: What Will the Kindle Do for the E-Publishing Industry? Since I hadn’t seen … Read more

Blog Book Tour for Dream or Destiny

Note added 10/27/08: Check the blog tour page for a tour schedule that is updated daily with direct links to the posts. The list below includes links to the host blogs’ main page rather than to specific posts. I’m going on an international tour for Dream or Destiny—a blog book tour, that is. As you can see … Read more

Books and Autographs

If you’re eager to buy Dream or Destiny, the publisher has books in stock now and Amazon.com will have books soon. 🙂 And if you want my autograph, fill out the request form and I’ll send you an autographed postcard. Order Dream or Destiny from GASLight Publishing, LLC Order Dream or Destiny from Amazon.com

Dream or Destiny is Launched!

We had a wonderful book launch party for Dream or Destiny yesterday. I was thrilled that so many of my friends seemed to really enjoy the readings, the door prizes, and the food. Here are some photos taken by Margaret Jennings, my sister in Christ at All Saints Anglican Church. I wish all of you could … Read more

New Novel Released: Dream or Destiny

Finally, my new novel, Dream or Destiny, has been released as an e-book. When you order an e-book from GASLight Publishing, LLC, you receive a zip file that contains four e-book formats: PDF (which you can read in Adobe Acrobat), HTML (which you can read in your Web browser, whether or not you are connected … Read more

Dream or Destiny … The End!

I’ve spent the last three days doing something that I’ve done for clients but never for myself – a read-aloud edit of a novel. Several years ago, my second novel, Dream or Destiny, was accepted for publication by a small press publisher. However, after the contract was signed but before production started, the company changed … Read more