New Novel Released: Dream or Destiny

Finally, my new novel, Dream or Destiny, has been released as an e-book. When you order an e-book from GASLight Publishing, LLC, you receive a zip file that contains four e-book formats: PDF (which you can read in Adobe Acrobat), HTML (which you can read in your Web browser, whether or not you are connected to the Internet), Word .doc (which you can read in your word processor) and text (which you can read on your computer or in many e-book reading devices).

The print version will be available October 18th.  

You can read an excerpt in a free PDF download.

I’m planning a blog book tour when the paperback edition is released. If you would like to host me on one of my tour stops, please contact me by e-mail or leave a comment below.

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Marilee Anderson dreams about a murder and wakes to find it really happened. She and David Nichols, the victim’s brother, become the prime suspects. Though they have their secrets and aren’t sure they can trust each other, Marilee and David team up to find the killer.

Does Tess, “the crazy lady,” know anything about the murder or is she just delusional? Does the cheating couple on the victim’s floor have any information about the night of the crime? Why has the abusive father of the victim and her brother suddenly reappeared? What about Barbara’s ex-husband? Will Marilee and David find the killer? Or will they end up in jail—or dead?

“Lillie Ammann’s unique talent brings her characters to life in this tension filled suspense. From the first paragraph she’ll have your heart racing as Marilee’s nightmare takes over her life and changes it forever.” ~ Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, author of A Time to Dance

“Lillie Ammann has written more than a book about two people trying to solve a crime. She delves into the effects of grief and guilt, attraction and suspicion, compassion and evil. “ ~ Helen Ginger, Freelance editor, book consultant, writer, and speaker

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