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I have been tagged by Christine Duncan at Rule of Three to tell six book-related things about me and also by Chris Redding to tell six odd things about me. Excercising a little artistic license, I’m going to make all the book-related things about my new novel, which makes them odd, so I’ll answer both tags in this one post. 🙂

  1. I wrote Dream or Destiny ten years ago and had an agent trying to sell the book for two years.
  2. After I ended my relationship with the agent, I let the book sit around for a couple of years, then sold it to another publisher on my own.
  3. Before the book was published, the publisher decided to focus on erotica, and I felt my book was no longer a good fit for that publisher.
  4. After I cancelled the contract with that publisher, I let the book sit around for a couple more years, then sold to GASLight Publishing. Publication was delayed because of illness of GASLight’s principals.
  5. When I updated the manuscript, I got input from several people (who are acknowledged in the book). Each person who read the book gave me suggestions to make it better.
  6. I had to make revisions to account for changes that have occurred in society during the last ten years. For example, caller ID wasn’t common (maybe it didn’t even exist) ten years ago. Now I had to account for the fact that David and Marilee had no idea who made the threatening phone call they received.

I’m going to tag a few folks—if I’ve tagged someone who doesn’t participate in memes, just ignore the tag. Anyone who wants to play along is encouraged to do so. You can either write a post on your own blog or respond in comments. And you can tell six book-related things about you or six odd things about you. Or you can do like I did and tell six odd book-related things.

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