Book Review: Frugal and Focused Tweeting for Retailers

Frugal and Focused Tweeting for Retailers: Tweaking Your Tweets and Other Tips for Integrating Your Social Media Carolyn Howard-Johnson HowToDoItFrugally Publishing Copyright 2010 ISBN: 9781451546149 Paperback, 130 pages, $12.92 Nonfiction When I was approached to review this book, I warned the author that I have a strong resistance to Twitter. At various times, I’ve decided … Read more

Beating Time at Its Own Game: Life Begins at Sixty – Guest Post by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Sometimes the big barriers in life aren’t abject poverty, dreaded disease, or death. Sometimes it’s the subtle ones set upon us by time and place. The ones that can’t be seen and can’t be acknowledged because we don’t know they are there. They creep up silently on padded feet and, if we sense them at … Read more