Brave Kids!

Voice of the Martyrs’ Kids of Courage profiles young children and teens who have faced persecution for their faith. These are amazing stories of faith and courage. My prayer is that I could be as bold as these kids in similar circumstances.


Today is the First Sunday in Advent, the beginning of a time of preparation for Christians that leads up to Christmas. Fr. Chip Harper All Saints Anglican Church, which is my parish, offers a short liturgy lesson about the meaning of Advent. The liturgies during the Advent season focus on three Advents: the Advent of Jesus’ … Read more

Catalyst: God’s Tool

Although I’m always excited about the successes of my friends and clients, sometimes it seems that everyone is accomplishing great things but me. My novel languishes with little notice and few sales, while friends tell me about awards and great sales numbers. I see so many worthwhile causes I would like to help, but my budget keeps me … Read more

The Bible Told Them So

At first glance, the subject of this post might not seem to have anything to do with writing. However, I believe the Holy Bible is the greatest book ever written. We can all aspire to that level of writing, but our human attempts will always be pitiful compared to the Word of God. Columnist Mike Adams has … Read more