Bible Study

I’m taking an online Bible study in Ephesians – an excellent course taught by Pastor Ralph Wilson of Joyful Heart Renewal Ministries. The study is also available in an e-book or print book.

I’ve also signed up for the next study beginning March 9th: Resurrection and Easter Faith Online Bible Study.

Whenever possible, a live Bible study is my first choice. However, for health reasons, I’m not able to regularly attend the fine Bible studies at my church—All Saints Anglican. An online course is convenient because I don’t have to leave home to participate. And if I can’t study the lesson when it is sent (every Saturday), I can study when I’m able. I’ve taken several courses from Pastor Wilson and always found them valuable.

Father Chip Harper, All Saints’ rector, talks about the need for Bible study in his devotionals blog. He compares spiritual fitness to physical fitness and reminds us that just as we must exercise our bodies to become physically fit, we must read and study the Word to become spiritually fit.

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