Self-Publishing Primer: Part 11 – How much does self-publishing cost?

You will find links to the other posts in the series at Self-Publishing Primer. Every author considering self-publishing wants to know how much it will cost. I’ll give some general ideas, but there is a huge variation in costs based on many factors: the length of your book, the method of printing, what kind of … Read more

Self-Publishing Primer: Part 10 – What do I need to know about copyrights and ISBNs?

You will find links to the other posts in the series at Self-Publishing Primer. Writers often ask me if they need to copyright their book before they send it into the publishing world – either to a freelance editor or book doctor to polish the manuscript or to agents and editors to seek publication. In … Read more

Self-Publishing Primer: Part 9 – How do I set up a self-publishing company?

You will find links to the other posts in the series at Self-Publishing Primer. You’ve written or are writing a book. Now you understand what self-publishing is and you’ve decided to self-publish your book. Where do you start? Decide what type of business to establish: sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation. Most self-publishers start as proprietorships, … Read more

Connecting – Part II: Search Engines

In the last post, I talked about the main way clients and I connect: referrals. Today, I’ll talk about a different way of connecting that happens much less often. Clients don’t often find me through search engines, but when they do, my circle of connections is greatly expanded. In late 2004, I received a phone … Read more

Connecting – Part I: Referrals

One of my clients is an executive coach, Barbara A. F. Greene, MCC. She always talks about connecting rather than networking. Networking often turns into an exercise of making contacts for the benefit of the person making the contact, but connecting brings people together in win-win situations. Thinking about this, I considered how my clients find me … Read more

About Critique Groups

Who reads your work-in-progress? I recently read some advice – rules of life – from a famous writer. Sorry, I forgot who it was! This great writer said he never let anyone read his works-in-progress, and he advised other writers to follow his example. He said most people don’t know enough about writing to recognize … Read more

The Value of Writers Groups

Today I had a conversation with a writer just beginning her book. I gave her the same advice I give all beginning writers: join a writers group, online or offline, to network with other writers and learn about the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Writers, unless they are employed full-time by a … Read more