God, I’ve Got A Problem

God, I’ve Got A Problem
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How to deal with: Forgiveness, Guilt, Loneliness, Worry, Disappointment, Depression, Temptation, Boredom, Pride, and Death

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About the Book

“God has promised us a safe landing but not a smooth journey.” I don’t know who uttered those words, but they express a central truth of the Christian life—Christians aren’t immune from the problems associated with being human. Even a casual reading of the Bible reveals a lot of promises God has made, but nowhere does He promise to insulate us against the daily problems humans face or place us in a Witness Protection Program to keep us safe from the emotional dangers of life. Problems, like the rain, fall on the just as well as the unjust. At one time or another the need to forgive, worry, guilt, doubt, guilt, loneliness, temptation, disappointment, boredom, depression, or death will knock on our door and invite itself in. Unfortunately we can’t hit “control, alt, delete” and start over. We have to deal with them, but there’s good news. The Bible provides tools to help us overcome daily problems and God’s solutions to life’s problems are a lot less complicated than the experts would have us believe. Few of the problems we face stand alone. Each has relatives among the other problems; they overlap each other. As a result, some of the tools may appear to overlap as well. We’ll look at some of the problems we face and the tools God has made available so that being human does not break our spirit or rob us of the joy of being a child of God. As you read this book, I pray God will bring healing to your heart and mind, giving you renewed hope and joy to face each day.

About the Author
Written by Ben Ferguson

Chaplain to the chaplains, Adopt-A-Chaplain

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