A Pause to Refresh

A Pause to Refresh

Christian devotional from the chaplain to the chaplains

We all seem to run out of time with to-do items still undone, leaving us feeling like The Roadrunner with Wile E. Coyote in hot pursuit. We identify with the expression, “The harder I work, the behinder I get!” Perhaps we need to rethink our priorities and ask, “Is spending a few minutes with God to refresh our spiritual batteries on our list, or do we allow the tyranny of the urgent to crowd out the important, convincing ourselves God will understand, and promise to make it up tomorrow?”

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About the Book

“Ben writes for a contemporary audience with historical anecdotes, personal experiences, and sound Scriptural truth. I thoroughly enjoy his relevance and humor. He has a way of making a point in such a way that you want to share it with others. Each chapter of A Pause to Refresh leaves you wanting another drink of Ben’s wisdom.” ~CH (LTC) Peter Strong U.S. Army

A Pause to Refresh by Ben Ferguson is exactly what the title says, REFRESHING. Ben’s collection of insights and spiritual encouragements are something that can be read individually, as a family, or even as a group devotional. The only problem is that the reader will find that he cannot just read one a day. As you finish each one, you will want to read “one more.”

In just three or four pages for each chapter, Ben is able to focus in on a Biblical truth and cleverly weave it in into a shared story, TV show, or personal story that will make you clearly identify with the topic. What is fantastic is that Ben is able to draw from some really old pop culture (only the Shadow knows) and also draw from some stories that will make you think you are actually there experiencing the event. And the really great quality of A Pause to Refresh is how Ben is able to give a very catching title to each chapter and then finish each chapter with a catch phrase that will make you remember the topic perfectly. As you finish reading each chapter with the catch phrase fresh on your mind, you might actual think that this is the way Paul Harvey would have written a devotional book……………..”Good day.” ~CH (LTC) Stanton Trotter U S Army

Ben’s book of devotionals is spot-on for an easy quick read that packs a punch with an impact that reaches the heart and mind on the reader. The illustrations are powerful and provide a good connection to the Scriptures while providing wonderful insight. As a bottom line kind of person, I thoroughly enjoy final closing statements with each devotional that leaves the reader with a bottom line thought and challenge! ~CH Ray Bailey CDR U.S. Navy


The sacred, vocational call to military chaplaincy is both joyfully fulfilling and awfully lonely. It is a strange paradox for the man or woman who embraces the high calling to shepherd the souls of our nation’s sons and daughter in uniform. Pastor and author Ben Ferguson understands ministry to the military. And he genuinely loves chaplains. His collection of devotionals has been a balm to my own soul through my three combat deployments and many operational assignments. I value his friendship, insight, and wisdom—take up and read his refreshing words of encouragement and challenge! ~CH Todd Cheney (MAJ) U.S. Army


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Genre: Christian Devotional
Publication Year: 2018
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ISBN: 9781728884622
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About the Author
Written by Ben Ferguson

Chaplain to the chaplains, Adopt-A-Chaplain

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