What’s Adopt-a-Chaplain All About?

I receive a weekly update on the activities of Adopt-a-Chaplain from my friend and client Ben Ferguson. Last week, Adopt-a-Chaplain had a booth at the Spirit West Coast Christian music festival. Ben gave permission for me to quote the following from this week’s update (emphasis added).

What’s Adopt-a-Chaplain All About?

Visitors to our booth at Spirit West Coast asked this question over and over. Four things capture the essence of what we’re “all about.”

1. One chaplain wrote “A chaplain spends all his time looking out for his soldiers but no one looks out for the chaplain.” Every chaplain in our network needs to feel cared for and that we, in military jargon, “have his back.”
2. It’s been said that what the chaplain needs to conduct his ministry – books, Bibles, musical instruments, ping pong balls, & printer cartridges – come after all the requests for “bullets & butter” have been met. We provide needed “tools of the trade” for our chaplains to enhance their ministries.
3. Goodies provide a non threatening reason for a soldier to visit his chaplain. A rugged young soldier in his battle gear carrying a big gun won’t say to his buddy, “Hey, I’ve got a problem and need to talk to the chaplain.” He will say, “I’m going to the chaplain’s office to see if he’s gotten any goodies for us.” The soldier may say “Chap I just came to get some coffee.” But frequently they’ll say, “Since I’m here I’ve been meaning to ask you about….” Chaplains say the goodies we send increases the foot traffic into their offices.
4. The chaplain is a human being just like the soldiers he counsels every day. Family issues may weigh heavy on his heart but he has to be “up all the time” even when he’s tired and hurting emotionally and may need a chaplain himself. We’re a “safe harbor” where he can be himself not “chaplain…….” and talk about his hurts, fear, discouragement, & frustration.

Supporting our troops through the chaplains who serve them.
Adopt-a-Chaplain Incorporated is a Christ-centered, California non-profit corporation whose sole mission is to provide spiritual and tangible support to deployed chaplains and their families. Adopt-a-Chaplain is completely staffed and run by volunteers, so 100% of contributions are devoted to purchasing goods and services for our chaplains.

Deployed chaplains of all religious backgrounds may receive support simply by asking. Churches and groups who wish to adopt a chaplain are matched with one of similar religious background or interest. Individual contributions of time, supplies or finances are also greatly appreciated.

For more information, visit our web site at www.adopt-a-chaplain.org .


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