Book Writing & Publishing Workshop

Cedric Fisher, publisher of San Antonio’s INFLUENCE Magazine, and I are giving a workshop on writing and publishing a book over two sessions (October 10 and November 14, 2017).

You should attend if:

  • You have an idea for a book but need help getting started
  • You’ve started a book but don’t know the next step
  • You want to build your business/professional credibility with a published book

The first session will cover writing. We will talk about categories and genres of books (nonfiction, fiction, and children’s/young adults), as well as the process of writing a book. Participants will draft the purpose or theme and premise of their book in the workshop.

The second session will cover publishing. We will overview traditional publishing, small press and regional publishing, and subsidy/vanity publishing, and we will outline what is involved in indie/self-publishing.

You may attend one or both sessions. The cost is $30 for a single session or $50 for both sessions if paid in advance.

I love help beginning writers fulfill their writing and publishing dreams.

Download flyer.


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