Five Long Years

Today I’ll thumb through Jack Storiesto remind me of stories about Jack told by family and friends. I’ll think of some of my own fondest memories. I’ll thank God that I was blessed to spend forty-five wonderful years with this amazing man.

I will visit Jack’s grave on the fifth anniversary of his death, as I have on this date for the past four years, as well as on birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and holidays. But I still talk to Jack and feel close to him here in the home we shared for our entire marriage. Although I’ve turned our den/TV room into my writing office, the house is essentially the same as it was when I cared for him during the course of his Alzheimer’s, the same as it was on the day he peacefully breathed his last breath on earth.

Today I know he is with the Lord and filled with joy. As I described in the last story in the book:

I dreamed that I was standing at the kitchen sink. Something caught my attention and caused me to look over my shoulder. There stood Jack—young, healthy, and strong with a huge smile. He radiated pure joy. Suddenly I was in bed and Jack was standing over me, smiling and handsome and oh-so-happy.He never moved or said a word, but his smile and radiant joy said it all.

How can I be sad when he is so filled with joy!

Thank You, Lord, that I was blessed to share my life with this remarkable man. Thank You that today my life is filled with precious memories, beloved family, wonderful friends, a blessed and blessing church family, a delightful job, and Your peace and joy. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

May Light Perpetual shine upon Jack as he dwells with You in joy. Amen.

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