New Theme Follow-Up: Thanks and Kudos to Lara @ Anubis Marketing

As you can see, my sidebar is cleaned up and my posts have paragraphs again. Thanks to Lara Kulpa at Anubis Marketing for coming to my rescue.

Lara commented on my original post about my new theme to say most of my problems could be fixed by tweaking the CSS. Easy for her to say – and do – but a challenge to me. She said if I gave her administrator access to my blog dashboard, she’d get me fixed up in no time.

When I told my husband I was giving administrator access to someone I’d never heard of before, he looked at me like he thought I was crazy (not an unusual occurrence 🙂 ). I replied that I had complete confidence in Lara because she was referred by Brad Shorr at Word Sell. Lara is working on Brad’s site, so I felt comfortable turning my site and problems over to her.

The confidence was well-placed. Not only did Lara fix the problems, she followed up with a phone call! That’s the kind of going-the-extra-mile service that Johnny in The Simple Truths of Service exemplifies. Lara also creates custom themes, something I’ll want if my blog ever becomes more than a hobby.

I didn’t get threaded comments back. Lara explained that some of the “oldie-but-goodie” plug-ins don’t work with newer themes. I really liked that plug-in, but until Brian updates the plug-in or I find an alternative, I’ll do without threaded comments.

Otherwise, I’m happy with the theme and thrilled with Lara’s help. Thanks to Lara at Anubis Marketing, and thanks to Brad at Word Sell for referring her.

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