Law Enforcement Appreciation 2023

Today is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. In many circles, law enforcement officers (LEOs) are maligned more than appreciated. One rogue officer does something evil or a good officer makes a mistake in judgment, and many in the public view law enforcement officers in general as evil or stupid. For those who have never been in a tense situation having to determine the best course of action to serve and protect the public, seeing the result of a police action makes them believe they would have made a better decision. But an officer involved in an incident doesn’t always have the luxury of time to weigh all the facts before taking action and may not even have all the facts from what they see and hear.

Listed below are some of my previous posts on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day:

Thank you, all law enforcement officers, for putting your lives on the line every day to serve and protect people you don’t even know.

Lord God, please bless all LEOs. Give them wisdom and strength to do their jobs effectively and safely. Protect them and give them and their loved ones Your peace. Amen.

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