Thanks, Law Enforcement Officers!

I didn’t know that yesterday, January 9, was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Although I missed the actual day, I want to express my appreciation to law enforcement officers who risk their lives daily for our safety.

My husband Jack was a master peace officer in the state of Texas. He held a job as a deputy constable for a short time, but he served as a reserve officer (volunteer) for many years.

I have also been a victim of crime and have had contact with police officers in difficult circumstances. Believe me, when a police officer arrives at a crime scene, victims are mighty glad.

Thank you to all law enforcement officers!

Most of us don’t realize how difficult it is to be a law enforcement officer. We judge whether an officer made the right decision in a given situation and think we could have done better. The video below shows a civil rights activist who has been critical of police use of force go through a training exercise in which he had to make split-second decisions. I think you’ll find his experience enlightening.


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