Writing Day and Month

Today is I Love to Write Day. How do you celebrate I Love to Write Day? By writing, of course. So many people say, “I love to write but …” What comes after the but varies. “I don’t have enough time.” “I don’t know how to get started.” “I’ve got too much responsibility and too many distractions to focus on writing.” Or <fill in the blank with your own excuse>.

Today is a day of no excuses. Start the book that’s been floating around in your head for years. Write in your journal. Compose a letter to the editor of the newspaper. Try your hand at a poem.

Or maybe you’d like to write a memoir or a family history? November is both Family Stories Month and National Lifewriting Month. Family Stories Month is not specifically focused on writing. You can observe this month by telling your family’s stories or listening to stories from your grandparents or other family members. Or you can write your family’s stories to celebrate your love for writing.

Have a story of your own life to tell? Work on your memoir, a perfect way to observe National Lifewriting Month.

For help with memoir or family history writing, download my free guide, Preserving Memories: How to Write a Family History.

Whatever you write, don’t let I Love to Write Day pass without putting pen to paper or keys to keyboard. And take advantage of the month of November to tell some family stories or do some writing about your life.

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