To Mom on Mother’s Day


Thank you is too little to say
To you, Dear Mother, on Mother’s Day.
Yet to say what’s in my heart,
I don’t even know where to start.
For years of selfless sacrifice
Showing me what it means to be nice,
Caring for me through colds and skinned knees
That I got from ignoring you and climbing trees.
Your patience in teaching me some new skill
Taught me more by your example that teachers ever will.
Your encouragement when I was low
Gave me strength for the journey I had to go.
Your smile can always brighten my day
No matter the obstacles along the way.
Above all, what of moms makes you the best
Is your selfless love that stands above the rest.
So today on this special Mother’s Day
I say, “Thank you!” What more can I say?
One thing: I love you, Mother.
Of my favorite people, there is no other.

Remembering my sweet mother, who went to Heaven eleven years ago but still lives in my heart and wishing a joyous day to all mothers everywhere.

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