Book Review: Mind of Her Own

Mind of Her OwnMind of Her Own by Diana Lesire Brandmeyer

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A contemporary romance, Mind of Her Own is quite different from the typical romance novel. Louisa has retrograde amnesia, but she wakes up with lots of memories. The problem is that her memories aren’t real. She is convinced she’s the famous romance writer Jazz Sweet, and she doesn’t know anything about being a wife and mother of three.

There is suspense: Is Jazz really Louisa? If so, will she ever give up her dream memories and remember her real life? Collin, her husband, is a great romantic hero. He discovers Louisa’s journals and realizes that he never really knew his wife. The amnesia gives him a chance to really know the woman he loves, and eventually it gives Louisa the opportunity to resolve a childhood trauma that she had never revealed to anyone.

Even when Louisa is convinced that she is the glamorous and exciting Jazz, she retains her Christian faith and even leads Collin and the children back to church. One little niggling question that I wondered: If Jazz had no memories of her previous life, how did she wake up Sunday morning and know the service times of a church she didn’t attend?

There were a few problems such as extra spaces in words and odd breaks that I am convinced were errors from the conversion. I received a PDF file for review and converted it to Kindle, which often results in problems of that type.

I highly recommend Mind of Her Own to readers who enjoy romance and realize that the romance doesn’t end at the wedding. Christian readers will appreciate the Christian message, but others will not feel they are force-fed Christianity—faith is an integral part of the characters and the story. If you’ve ever wished you could trade your life for another, this novel may inspire you to reveal who you really are, as Louisa discovered that she could blend Jazz and Louisa to be the complete person God created her to be.

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Disclaimer: I received a PDF copy of the book from the author, but that did not keep me from giving a fair and objective review.

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