Thanks to December 2012 Commenters

Thank you to the 69 commenters who left 86 comments in December. Your comments extended the conversation and added value and interest, and I enjoyed replying to every one of them.

Every month when I post thanks to commenters, I get questions about how I compile this list. I have explained my system in detail in Compiling Thanks to Commenters.

Top Contributor (8 comments)
Jane Migration Expert – US Visa
Major Contributor (7 comments)
Maja Alls Fashion
Outstanding Contributor (4 comments)
Christopher Roberts Christopher Roberts
Important Contributors (2 comments)
Chris Profile Sites
Edward Your Miami
James MLM Lead Genie
Kim Andre Langholz Bed and Breakfast Sondborg
Koen Student Jobs
Steve Online Radio Review
Significant Contributors
Alice Complete Plumbing
Anders Gran Canaria Guide
Andru Toronto Gold Bullion
Barbara Kuchnia i gotowanie
Bill Princetown The Landings
Brady Partridge Latest HDTV Reviews
Brian The Best Sites
Charls One Stop
Claus Tabs Club
Dawn Colclasure Dawn Colclasure’s Blog
Eduardo Nature Network/Eduardo
eliza Eliza Carmen
Ewa Gotowanie bez stresu
Harry Web San Solutions
Herry Nelson Windsor Hills Official Rentals
Jack Mamann, Sandaluk, & Kingwell LLP
Jack Shop Orthopedics
Jack Jermey Dating Tricks and Guide
Jame Rogen Sensa Weight Loss Reviews
James McMahon RV
Karlon Jenny’s Hair Sense
Katherine Connecticut Directory
Keith Rebel Trail
Keith Vroom Vroom Vroom Car Rentals
Kevin James Migration Expert – UK Visa
Leo Accountant Salary Information
Lola Lola’s Showcase
Lollie Williams & Knerly
Lori Words on the Page
Luice Park’s Furniture
Mario Peregrine Pest Control
Mariya Merit Roofing
Matt Keegan Word Journey
Michael Christian Lingua
Nicol Luxor Limousine
Peter S&L Engineering
Poshbear Red Prom Dresses
Richard Parker PakSmart
Richardson Jasmine S.M.E.D.
Ricky Overfly Pacific
Rob Mere Inkling
Sam American College of Technology
Sandra InfoTech
Sarah Eye Cream HQ
Smith Landmark Venues
Smith Safe Harbor
Stenn Belaza MedSpa
Steve Excel Toner
Steve Reverse Phone Lookup
stuart podolsky WhitePages
Terry Drain Rescue Plumbers
Thomas The Oxford
Thomas VS Travel
Vitalik ThunderBolt Hard Drive
Zvi NY City Blinds
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